Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwiches, Easy and Delicious

I’ve always been fascinated how cooks can come up with the most creative, imaginative recipes from leftovers. Here are a couple of sandwiches I made after Thanksgiving last Fall.

I made my first ever buttered rosemary rolls and they were heavenly good. Sorry for the rosemary, Beth. I bought a bag of frozen unbaked dinner rolls and put them in my trusted old cast iron skillet that I coated with olive oil first. I chose to brush on melted butter and the fresh rosemary before baking.

About 20 or so minutes later in a 400 degree oven…fluffy, flaky, soft-rolled perfection. I then brushed on more melted butter.Rosemary Rolls

I had six leftover rolls and had a brilliant idea. I set a frozen turkey sausage patty and cheddar cheese between each of these delightful rolls, then placed them in a ziplock bag put them into the freezer. They warmed up wonderfully the next for a quick breakfast. Or with some hash browns and fruit. Not so much a sandwich but more of a Mikey McMuffin.Turkey Sausage McMikey on a Buttered Rosemary Roll

Next, was the tangy, sweet cranberry sauce I had leftover. Which, as you can see, had amazing real maple syrup in it. Oh and orange juice too…Cranberry Cook

My first cranberry dressing from scratch was great. The sweet and tangy were perfect to my taste buds to go along the texture  of the berries.Cranberry Sauce

And of course Phoenix, my Golden Retriever, the Thanksgiving Leftover Police from last November…Phoenix

It was time for another sandwich the following day and I wanted to do  something outside of my norm. Which would be a sourdough roll, turkey slices, cheddar cheese and mayo. Chased down by multiple glasses of fat-free milk.

I wanted to make something at least somewhat gourmet and feature the leftover cranberry sauce. I also wanted a pressed sandwich on my Panini grill of which I didn’t even use because I was  not in the mood too lazy by the time Sunday rolled around. So, I decided I would put it into a skillet and press it by using another pan on top.

I took the cranberry sauce and added some pecans to it…yummy by the way…Cranberries and Walnuts

Then two slices of sourdough bread with apricot jam and Dijon mustard…Bread with Jam and Mustard

I had made a roasted turkey breast and piled on these two hearty slices…Turkey on bread

The cranberry sauce…Add Cranberry Sauce

Four slices of Swiss cheese…Add Cheese

Both sides of the bread were buttered and ready to go into the skillet…Sandwich ready to grill

And…I pressed the top skillet down a little too hard. It was completely salvageable and out of this world delicious. The sweet, tangy crunch of the cranberry sauce really was the star of the show as I had intended. With the melted Swiss cheese, apricot jam and Dijon mustard my entire taste spectrum was covered and then some.Final sandwich

What are some of your favorite leftover Thanksgiving sandwiches?

Here is the cranberry sauce recipe and the turkey sandwich recipe  from Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman’s blog.

Phoenix and I wanted to give a shout out and thank you to our friend, Mary, for all of her support as she’s been a long time follower of our blog. She has a wonderful blog  herself where she shares and talks about life experiences across the spectrum and the comments section offers great dialogue to share your feelings along with others there. She is so wonderfully kind and nice and I absolutely encourage you to click on over to her blog at Necessity of Change and check it out! Thank you so much for everything, Mary. Learn more about the best chicken sandwich recipes for meat lovers, on this website: www.firstcoffee.net

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