What Do You Really Want From a Home EV Charging Station?

Making the decision to invest in an electric vehicle or even a hybrid means considering how you will keep the car ready for use. This will mean investing in a home EV charging station that provides all the benefits that you want. As you compare different solutions, keep the following in mind. Doing so increases the odds of having something that will serve you well for a long time.

Easy to Install in a Convenient Location

While you do want a professional to take care of the installation, it would be nice if the overall process was not that difficult. You can help focus on options that are easier to install by getting advice from an electrician. This also provides the chance to ensure the home’s wiring is able to support the added load without any issues.

Along with easy installation, make sure to go with something that is in a convenient location. For example, you have a garage or a carport that’s attached to the home. Why not go with a station that can be mounted along the back or a side wall? This will ensure you can connect the car to the charger without having to stand outside in all sorts of weather.

A Fast Charge

Did you know that not all electric vehicle charging stations work at the same pace? There are stations that take considerably longer to fully charge the battery. What you hope to do is avoid the ones that take longer to charge, and invest in one that does the job in less time.

You can get some ideas from the auto manufacturer. While you may or may not find recommendations by brand, there are bound to be specifications for features and specs. Use those as the basis for evaluating any station that you think might be a good choice.

Minimal Maintenance and Upkeep

Another goal with the home EV charging station is to enjoy the benefits while having to put in a minimal amount of upkeep and maintenance. Go with a design that won’t require much attention, but does come with all the features that you want. This will increase the odds that the station will end up lasting for a long time.

You can get ideas on how much upkeep is involved by looking at any literature related to the station. Don’t forget to check online reviews left by those who purchase the charger. What you learn will tell a lot about how much effort you will need to make in terms of keeping the unit functioning properly.


Since you plan on driving electric vehicles from now on, it makes sense to invest in a station that will continue working properly for many years. Take a close look at the features to ensure they are ideal for the present car, and are likely to remain so when you buy the next one.

Check the manufacturer literature for some insight into how long the charging station is anticipated to last. There will likely be a guarantee for a specific number of years, and also information about a projected life of the station. For example, the guarantee may remain in effect for three years, while the projected life is a decade or more.

Choose your charging station with care. Consider what you want from it other than the ability to charge the car’s battery. It won’t take long to weed out the lesser options and focus on the ones that are truly right for your purposes.

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